About the Florida Charter Institute (FCI)

Florida Charter Institute (FCI) was established in 2022 to further the remarkable success of charter schools and assist families in seeking quality education choices. FCI works closely with the Florida Department of Education and state and national charter organizations to set educational best practice standards and offer vital resources to charter schools, authorizers, and aspiring authorizers. FCI serves as Florida’s premier hub for charter innovation, with a team of experts committed to elevating student success by advancing academic and operational excellence at Florida’s charter schools.

FCI is organized into four core divisions to provide comprehensive support, oversight, reporting, and research for authorized charter schools to promote high-quality practices throughout Florida.

Teaching, Learning and Leadership Division

  • Drives implementation of instructional and leadership best practices in charters across the state by delivering training and resources.

Support Division

  • Conducts research and offers technical assistance
  • Provides ongoing coaching to Florida charter schools and authorizers on operational, governance, financial, and legal requirements

Authorizing Division

  • Oversees the charter application process
  • Analyzes and recommends new charters
  • Manages charter contracting, monitoring, and renewal

Local Education Association (LEA) Division

  • Monitors compliance with state and federal regulatory responsibilities designated to LEAs in Florida
  • Offers oversight of special education services, English language learner services, Title programs, and more.
  • Provides the functions typically provided by a School District under a more traditional model.