2023 IMPACT Symposium

In May of 2023, FCI partnered with Building Hope, a national nonprofit organization focused on creating solutions for charter schools. The Building Hope IMPACT awards are open to all high-performing charter schools in the country, and each year hosts an annual symposium where the selected finalists are invited to share best practices and the stories and experiences that have helped their schools thrive. Below are videos from the 2023 IMPACT symposium.

Impact Talks

More than 260 schools applied for the IMPACT awards in 2023, and from them 12 finalists were selected.  Each finalist was invited to given an “Impact Talk” at the symposium, which is a TED Talk style presentation where they share information about how there school has made an impact.  Here are the 2023 Impact Talks:

Student Empowerment Category

Exploration High School

Minneapolis, MN

Galileo School for Gifted Learning – Skyway

Sanford, FL

Life Learning Academy

San Francisco, CA

Community Engagement Category

Codman Academy

Dorchester, MA

International Community School

Decatur, GA

Memphis STEM Academy Elementary School

Memphis, TN

Education Innovation Category


Health Leadership High School

Albuquerque, NM

Legal Prep Charter Academy

Chicago, IL

Logos Public Charter School

Medford, OR

Model Charter Category

Greenville Technical Charter High School

Greenville, SC

Orange County School of the Arts

Santa Ana, CA and Duarte, CA

True North Classical Academy

Miami, FL

Charter Conversations

During the symposium, there were numerous sessions and conversations focused on specific topics.  Below are videos from some of these charter conversations: 

Community Engagement

Educational Innovators

Impact Of Connection

Model Charter Schools

Rockstar Volunteers

Student Empowerment


Student Voice

Deep Dives

Deep dives were small group sessions at the conference where a panel was interviewed around a specific topic. 

Busting Charter School Myths

Does One Size Fit All?

Pandemic Impacts

School Safety

Secret Sauce To Amazing Charters

Student Impact Panel

What Is A “Good Education”?

What Is Next In Education