Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions about the FCI.  If you have additional questions, please use the Contact Us page to reach out to us and learn more. 

How can I get involved in the work?

We welcome the involvement of the entire community. If you would like to discuss how you might be able to contribute, please reach out to Curtis Fuller.

Can I submit a charter application?

At this time, no.  We are working to complete our application to be an approved sponsor and anticipate being able to accept charter applications by the end of 2023.  When this option is available, the application process will be thoroughly explained on this website. To learn more about the process you can reach out to Christy Noe.

Can we move our application to MDC/FCI?

At this time, no.  Once we are an approved sponsor, this will be an option for some schools.  Under Florida Statute existing charters cannot be considered for sponsorship by a college until its existing charter with the school district expires. Once our application for sponsorship is approved, we will post information and criteria for this process on this website.  

How can I access the research?

FCI started its work at the end of February 2023.  We are working to complete initial research.  Once materials and information are available they will be made available on this website. 

How do I suggest future research?

We are open to ideas from the entire charter school community.  The initial work of FCI has been established through the federal CSP grant, and we are not able to add additional research yet. However, we anticipate the Florida legislature providing future funding, and we will then begin examining additional research topics.  If you have ideas on what these could be, please contact Curtis Fuller.

Is the Florida Charter Institute an authorizer or research group?

FCI intends to be both.  We intend to be a clearinghouse and research center for studying and promoting the charter school movement, while at the same time serving as the authorizing arm of Miami Dade College.  This helps us to have a realistic perspective of the entire charter process and to share out best practices from a research perspective.