Teaching, Learning and Leadership

FCI’s “Teaching, Learning, and Leadership” division is dedicated to enhancing educational practices within charter schools. Our comprehensive initiatives aim to foster an environment that champions continuous growth by:


  • Offering workshops tailored for teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders to equip them with the most effective teaching practices and methodologies.
    • Emphasizing high-impact teaching methods that strengthen essential skills, including literacy.
    • Designing practice-intensive sessions utilizing video analysis, reflection, and hands-on learning methods.


  • Hosting annual professional learning cohorts (“Working Groups”), tailoring training to specific developmental stages for teachers and leaders.
  • Collaborating with experts to refine and disseminate research-based best practices.
  • Evaluating the impact of these practices to confirm they offer continual support.
  • Actively soliciting feedback from charter educators to address their most pressing needs.
  • Celebrating standout charter schools, especially those that demonstrate innovation, community engagement, and lasting success, through accolades like the IMPACT Awards.
  • Investing in and celebrating charter teachers and leaders through Fellowship programming, an application-based progression of development sessions designed to maximize the potential of promising and standout teachers and leaders.