Application Process

Review the published Request for Applications

The Florida Charter Institute will accept charter applications in response to Requests for Applications [RFA] which will be released periodically throughout the year.

When released, the RFA may list the specific focus or types of schools we seek to authorize during that round. The RFA will outline the deadlines for submitting an application, as well as what information is being requested.


Write Your Application

All applications must be submitted using the standard form IEPC-M1 from the Department of Education. FCI intends to release an enhanced version of the IEPC-M1 with additional direction and information specific to FCI. This will be released with our RFA.

In addition, the RFA may outline additional application requirements above and beyond what is required in the IEPC-M1. Please review the RFA carefully before submitting.

The FCI will also be releasing two options for submitting a budget with the application. The first version is the Florida Charter Support Unit’s Budget Development Tool; the second will be a basic template for more experienced budget developers.

FCI Will Begin Reviewing Your Application

Once applications are submitted, the Florida Charter Institute staff will conduct a completeness check to inform applicants if any components of the application are missing. Pursuant to Florida statute, applicants will have seven (7) days to correct any nonsubstantive changes.

Conduct A Brief Presentation About Your Vision

Applicants will be scheduled to conduct brief presentations of their application and introduce themselves to FCIstaff. Applications will then be reviewed by a team of internal FCI staff and external consultants who have specific subject area expertise.


Participate In Capacity Interview

If the application meets basic requirements, the applicants will be invited to participate in a capacity interview to clarify questions reviewers may have had from reviewing the application.

FCI Will Make A Recommendation

The review team will then make a recommendation to FCI’s Charter Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will make a formal decision, which must then be ratified by the Miami Dade College Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting.