Authorizing Best Practices

Florida’s charter schools are essential to providing high-quality school choices within the public school arena. Having effective charter school authorizers to approve and oversee these schools is critical to the success of the charter movement. Authorizers play a critical role in ensuring that only groups who are prepared and submit well-conceived plans in their application are approved. Next, they ensure that the schools, once they open, adhere to their mission, have a sound educational program, have the necessary resources to provide quality instruction and support to students, and are held accountable for student outcomes.

As Florida’s authorizing landscape changes with the addition of Colleges, the Florida Charter Institute is setting out to research high-quality charter-authorizing best practices from around the country. We will work with organizations such as the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Association of Charter School Authorizers to help promote the great work already being done and provide possible avenues for future development of authorizing in Florida.