FCI’s Formatted Charter Application Template

The Florida Department of Education has released, through Administrative Rules, a model charter application, which is available at https://www.fldoe.org/schools/school-choice/charter-schools/charter-school-reference/.  

Florida Charter Institute [FCI] has taken the model Model Florida Charter School Application and reformatted the document and added additional functionality to make the tool somewhat more user friendly. The FCI will accept either version of the template.  


In addition, we have developed the videos below which provide additional support to applicants who are considering using the FCI Template. 

Video 1

Introducing the FCI Application Template

This video demonstrates the difference between the FLDOE’s template and the FCI’s templates, and the benefits of using it. The video demonstrates how the tool’s navigation pane and macros can help with navigating and writing the application.

Video 2

Using Style Guides in Microsoft Word

This video does not focus specifically on the charter application itself, but instead is a tutorial about how to use Microsoft Word’s Style Guides to be able to format and organize a long document such as a charter application.  These skills are pre-requistes to being able to effectively use the FCI Charter Application.

Video 3

Utilzing The Features In The FCI Template

Using the skills discussed in the previous video, this recording demonstrates how the style guides and macros are used within the FCI Charter Application Template to make the tool more interactive and useful to applicants. 

Video 4

Enabling Macros On FCI Application Template

If, when you download the tool, the macros are removed or disabled, this video will demonstrate how to reenable to macro which allows you to automatically hide/show the template instructions.  In the video there is a reference to text that would be pasted on the website, that text for you to copy/paste is:

With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowHiddenText = Not .ShowHiddenText
.ShowAll = False
End With

Video 5

Submitting Charter Application To FCI

This video will demonstrate how to submit your documents to the Florida Charter Institute through our online portal, which is available at https://charters.link/fci/apply.php.