Florida Charter Institute

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Miami Dade College Authorizing

Working to become a Florida college authorized to sponsor public charter schools

Authorizing Best Practices

Learning from the nation’s top authorizers to replicate best practices

Charter Application and Renewal Analysis

Examining best practices in the application process for new charter schools and renewals for those already operating

Charter School Operations

Researching best practices in operations that allow charter schools to succeed

Instructional Best Practices

Helping school leaders and teachers thrive in the charter school environment

High-quality Charter Schools

Tracking what the top-performing charter schools do right

Upcoming Events

The Science of Reading

Join Doug Lemov and members of the Teach Like A Champion team on September 25 so you can prepare to implement high-impact techniques to build stronger literacy with your students. These techniques draw from Teach Like a Champion 3.0 and Reading Reconsidered. This practice-intensive workshop provides instructional leaders and teachers with the tools to implement high-quality teaching to drive results. Our workshops include cycles of video study and reflection, technique study, and practice. We encourage charter school teams to participate with a school leader and teachers.

Florida’s Annual Charter School Conference

Join us at the Florida Charter School Conference in Orlando, Florida October 18 – 20.  Stop by our booth to learn more about our efforts, and watch the schedule for sessions presented by Institute staff.